MaXXXine: Cast, Story, Release Date & What We Know So Far

MaXXXine: Cast, Story, Release Date & What We Know So Far

Ti West and Mia Goth are reuniting for the final movie in their twisted trilogy, MaXXXine. Discover the latest updates and insights about this upcoming horror film.

The Latest MaXXXine Movie News

Announced during the 2022 Toronto Film Festival, director Ti West confirmed that the sequel to X is in the making, with filming set to begin in April 2023. Staying on as writer and director, West is expected to bring the same level of horror and suspense to the third installment of the series.

MaXXXine Release Date Prediction

With filming scheduled for April 2023, it is anticipated that MaXXXine will hit the big screens sometime in 2024. This timeline is based on the production schedules of the previous films, X and Pearl, which were released several months apart in the same year.

MaXXXine Cast: Is Mia Goth Returning?

As of March 2023, Mia Goth is the only actor officially attached to the MaXXXine cast. She will reprise her role as Maxine, the aspiring actress who wants fame in the horror series. Goth also serves as the film’s executive producer.

MaXXXine Story: What We Know & What X Set Up

Set six years after the events of X, MaXXXine follows the eponymous character as she tries to make it as an actress in Los Angeles. While there are limited details about the story, it is possible that Maxine will continue her journey towards fame, potentially exploring her dark past and its impact on her future.

MaXXXine Trailer

Though a full trailer has not yet been released, a brief teaser for MaXXXine was played after the credits of Pearl. The teaser offers a glimpse into Maxine’s obsession with fame, featuring her name in place of the Hollywood sign. Fans should expect a longer trailer to premiere a few months before the horror sequel’s official release date.

Stay tuned for more updates on the highly anticipated horror film, MaXXXine, as we await further news on its cast, story, and release date.